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    Defensive Weapons

    Hi, I am building a defensive war glad and I was wondering if certain main hand weapons parry better than others. If so, which ones??

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    I don't use a tank-oriented Wars. // Because i think it allows some form of exploit. But it's only my opinion and my position.
    At the other hand, i enjoy the other branch -- Theatrics branch. And exactly defensive Wars are main problem for Theatrics.
    So, i have [almost] only outer sight at the question. But i have it:

    Parry is a Int/Agi based thing. So, weapon type choice is obvious. For Parry exactly.
    But Parry also only 3rd or even 4th thing in the list of a War's valuables. // You know, Int/Agi are not the main War's attributes.
    The first valuables are:
    1. Ability to avoid "Crowd damage". // Weapon speed will be helpful here.
    2. Damage absorption.
    3. Create Distance rate. // It means weapon "length". And weapon length is "reversal" to weapon speed.

    Examine the great weapons compilation created by Kreegan. If You have not yet done so.
    You may also take a look at Imperial Guards stable. It's the best Def-War stable in the game.
    // Although I find the more interesting more flexible builds. Examples: Seraph Movran (Adoede stable), Thornwall (Hive stable).
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    Part of learning to master the war-class is learning which weapons are more effective in defense and which are better for conserving endurance. There is a big difference between weapon types and endurance burn and some weapons used properly even allow you to design a war strategy that avoids getting pelted by the crowd while tanking.

    That should be enough info to spur you to experiment on your own whilst not ruining the fun of figuring it out for yourself.
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    Ok guys, thanks for the advice decided to try out bastard sword for now

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