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    Player Guides

    A compendium to guides written by some of the more experienced players. Should be handy for everyone, especially our ever increasing number of new players

    Beginner Stuff:
    What Slave Should I Get?
    Adoede's General Beginners Guide

    General Stuff:
    Kreegan's Weapons and Armour Overview
    Adoede's Strategy Overview

    Apoc's Rage Guide
    Cynaidh's Rage Guide

    Prinny's War Guide

    SOTC's Theatrics Guide

    Arena Challenges:
    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    Tier 4
    Tier 5
    Tier 6
    Tier 7

    Out of Date Guides: (Still a handy source of info)
    Crow's War Guide
    Crow's Defensive 2-Handed War Guide
    Oedi's Theatrics Guide

    **If more suitable guides get made, I'll update this**
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