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Thread: Weird Moves

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    wtf i think ivory is on drugs or something

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    When armed with claws/knuckle dusters you will fight close-combat(karate) style with knees and headbutts...

    One of the best lines I remember from my claw theatric was something along the lines of this(don't remember the exact wording or the other guy's name):

    Haark floors the opponent in a previous round.
    Opponent tried to get up but gets kicked back down.

    Then... round x starts

    Haark brings forth a brutal knee.
    connects with opponent's head for xxx damage
    Haark hits the sweet spot on opponent's head!

    Kneeing a prone opponent in the head while he's on all fours trying to get up, for a knockout win. A once-in-a-lifetime lucky shot.
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