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    Lightbulb Sneak Peaks - A place to find out what new features are on the horizon!

    Greetings Pit Masters!

    Things have been pretty quite on our end and I know many of you like to know what kinds of irons are in the fire. My apologies on the silence, a few months ago we had a large uptick in players and it exposed some problems in the code and server that needed to be addressed in regards to server load, so that is where my focus has been. Those fixes will soon be complete and new features will be back in the pipeline.

    Those new features are the same ones mentioned previously and a lot of work has actually been done on them already including art that we'll be sharing sneak peaks of very soon. You asked for new gear, you'll get that, you asked for females, you'll be getting that too, you've asked for new schools and specialties...yes, we've got you covered there as well.

    Moving forward we are going to try and be more consistent in providing you with updates on progress so you don't feel in the dark. Game development is an undertaking blending both science and art, and Outcast Games sets the bar high as you can see from the current depth of game play and quality of art. If either is deemed to be unacceptable at any point in development it never leaves the lab, and I assure you we've got quite the graveyard in the back! We only accept the best and only want to give you the best.

    Stay tuned as the first sneak peak will be making her way onto a forum near you tonight!

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    I went ahead and removed all the rage discussion since the new thread was created over in the Suggestions forum. In the future please keep this thread clean of other topics not related to the "sneak peaks". Thanks!

    Good luck in the pit!


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    anymore sneak peeks incoming for april?
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    How is conquest coming along? also, any plans for a fb version of this game?

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    I just want wallpapers! High - Def, particularly of the females, and definitely the color versions of the other races... why aren't there pics of female Snivlers? No real difference in appearance? Anyway, the artwork I've seen is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    As you can see we've done some cleaning up of the announcements thread and created the "coming soon" forum to help give you info on well...what's coming soon!

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    Is there going to be any updates later on in the future for Pit of War? Maybe more areas for Conquests?

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    Any pokers in the fire? or has the fire gone to a smolder?
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