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    I really hate this skill, it costs you too many attacks for a not-so-big bonus... It's only useful against ultra-defensive guys that you cannot break through the parry, but then better rise brute force, feint and barreling attacks to smash through their defenses without losing attacks...
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    haha why not have all 3 skills as mention and strength of the crowd?

    use 1.5weapon spd as main and 2.25 or higher as off hand or just use shield for added defensive

    offensive with decent def glad theatrics.

    i tried an all offensive equip rage and usually end the fight in winning streaks or bad loses due to low def

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    DW Bastrard

    thanks all for your feedback. Also wondering what you all think about dual bastard swords for DW theatrics, which oedi says is his favorite set-up. (was recently a reduction in damage for bastard swords) Seems to me that two very fast weapons would best make use of gratuitous violence. What are the draw backs to small fast weapons as the damage per a round seems to be similar to larger one hand weapons like bastard sword.

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    They don't bounce vs medium and heavy armor is another reason why people like bastard swords. If your fighting a war in full heavy armor the 2 daggers might attack 10 times a round but probably bounce off the armor 9 of those, where if your using bastard sword the attacks wont bounce off the armor.

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    As noob offensive theatrics gladiator, I guess how useful is a hard-hit weapon (trident/sword/whatever) as main weapon and claw/dagger as offhand. At first sight it seems the claw/dagger will hit often due to superior speed and the trident/sword will allow me to hit heavy armored enemies that my claws bounce off the armor, also allowing some great hits here and there. Is that true? Or it's better to go off two daggers/claws?

    Right now only lvl 6, and using slow weap + fast weap. I noticed during arena combats that 4 out of 5 attacks are from claw and the remaining attack is from trident. The claw ones hit for around 10 or 15 dmg, while the trident one hits for double or triple that damage, so when the enemy hit me for, lets say, 50, I already hit him 4 times for 10 ~ 15 plus 1 time for 30 ~ 40 from trident.


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    I'm new to the game and chose rage for my first glad and theatrics for the 2nd glad. I wanted to build a dW theatric and might follow some advises here, though no all.

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