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    Primus progression extremely slow despite having the best win ratio by far

    So my gladiator George Rockwell is the best in the Primus bracket by far. He has the highest win to loss ratio out of any, almost the highest amount of kills (one more kill will put me in the very top spot for this too) but his progress with each win is incredibly slow. Winning one fight only advances me about 50 points in the ranking. Losing once makes me lose around a 1,000 points. So how is it that a bunch of gladiators that have less total wins, a far smaller win to loss ratio, and fewer kills, are ranked above me to such a high degree?

    For example, here is the first place Primus gladiator, and then mine.

    1st place in Primus - Seregor - Deathstench - 653 wins - 925 losses - 8 kills - Win rate of 41.4% - (486,262 pts)

    48th place in Primus - George Rockwell - Groundss - 1088 wins - 34 losses - 54 kills - Win rate of 97% - (400,875 pts)

    Rockwell isn't even max level yet, and still has room for growth btw.

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    Hey there david,

    sorry I took so long to respond to this, I have been covered up in the forge IRL and have been away a few days

    So primus is a little different then the rest of the divisions in a couple ways.

    First it is designed to be more of a strategic division rather then a win-loss division, for instance if I was rank 11 and I wanted in the top then I would challenge to bring the person above me down rather then trying to win enough to take myself up. This is on display in some of your examples above, you get alot less points for winning unlike the lower divisons and lose larger for a loss. So say George is at 48th place, to move him up it would be faster to challenge and defeat the person in 47th, then it would be to try and gain enough points from winning to raise him up to 47th. If you were to beat the person in 47th, they would drop a large amount of points, moving you upward. In your example, if serregor were in your challange range and you could beat him, you would be able to drop him by a few thousand points. etc.

    The other thing about primus is the blood god selection.


    There are a few "hidden" qualifications to being promoted to blood gods. None of us are for certain what they are, but we do know that 1000 total fights with a winning record seems to be the foundation to them. So every selection then following happends.

    So say you have the top 10

    1 guy 1 900-400-50
    2 guy 2 900-1100-21
    3 guy 3 800-1000-10
    4 guy 4 700-400-30
    5 guy 5 500-300-10

    so now we say that guy 1 is eligible to be selected into blood gods, he is moved upward, and then pack shifts up. over time the guys who are not eligible to be moved up to blood gods are slowly shuffled upward and at each selection date, some are moved into the upper places, as they are unable to move up, everyone in between them does move up, it leaves what yours seeing in the primus division right now. Primus is designed to be a bit of a wall to slow you down, trust me the move from primus into blood gods is a serious wake up kick from "this guy is pretty good" to "welcome to the real game". I have taken normal glads to 900-300ish in primus just to retire them a couple weeks into blood gods because they are fodder and I was just getting an hol glad.

    George seems pretty solid, just challenge intelligently and he will move up a bit at a time, and before you know it the real struggle of blood gods will be there. (save money trust me.)

    hope this answers your questions,

    See you on the sands.
    The Small One, Manager of the Legendary Crew

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