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    Enjoying the game somewhat...

    I have been finding the game somewhat enjoyable. At first it was quite intriguing actually but as time passes and the number of fights acquired rise things obviously do get a bit tougher. That is something I have no problem with.

    However, the amount of fights required before I can retire a fighter thus gaining access to better warriors almost seems insurmountable. I have had to recently put up with a fighter going 2-6-0 and dying 3 times in the same day just because I am trying to let the number of fights that this fighter has increase. Not such a fun thing to watch I must say.

    Not sure if this extended amount of time required to get to better warriors is worth it. I hope so. Still debating whether I want to put in the time. I guess only time will tell.

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    This game is a game you play over the long term. If you are playing without stable memberships it takes around 3-4 months to get enough fights on a gladiator to retire them. During that time you should be experimenting with skills/ strategies so that when you finally get a HOL slave you have enough knowledge of the game to allow them to perform well. Remember, to retire you only need 1000 fights, 50% or higher win rate, and to be a primus. Every fight above 1000 reduces the % win rate required to retire your gladiator.

    Having high losses and deaths happens more because the glad in question is weak in some aspect: Either not enough skills are finished, their stats are too low, their strategy is poor, or their equipment is lacking synergy or is weak. Each gladiator will perform very differently depending on their race, class, and base stats so there is no universal go to strategy or item combination. There is generally an "optimal" skill build, equipment load out, and stat priority for each class but this is very subjective and dependent on who they are fighting. The gladiators you can get from retiring (Hall Of Legends glads) will have higher stats on average, but can still have poor performance if they have poor strategy, outdated equipment, or poor/ not maxed skills.

    Gladiators can be high performing without being HOL glads. One of my best gladiators, Amarok, is not a HOL glad and doesn't have the greatest stats. The only thing going for him is the fact that his strategy is decent, he has good items, and had a high base size of 97.

    How well your gladiators perform is more of a reflection on how well you know the game and can work with the strengths and weaknesses of your gladiator. Having greater stats from a HOL slave will allow you to get away with less optimal strategies, and makes the game more forgiving with mistakes early on, but such mistakes will be made apparent at the high levels of play regardless.

    Many of these problems can also be alleviated by upgrading your stable itself, such as reducing and removing the death penalty by upgrading your undertaker. You will be able to purchase better equipment when you upgrade your barracks size, armorer, and healer because you can make more money from having more glads, and lose less on repairs and healing. Getting better equipment improves the fighting ability of your gladiator, and will lead to less deaths and losses.

    My recommendation: Do not be disheartened by this game early on. It has a heavy learning curve, a lot of hidden mechanics, and a slow build. Because of these things it has much more depth than is initially apparent, but is hard for new people to get into. If you need help there are several posted guides you can view on this forum and many of the active players respond either on this forum or through the mail system in the game itself.

    I wish you luck in the arena,

    Dogs Of Doom

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    I appreciate the response. I haven't given up as such yet although it has become more of a thrown the gladiators in to the wolves without much thought just pushing their fight total rather than reading what is actually happening to them. Not something I am used to, the reading of a fight pretty knowing that the outcome will be yet another loss.

    Hopefully I can make it until one of my gladiators has hit the retirement possibility.

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    Hey there,

    As ED said this is a game of patience. But, it really doesnt take as long as you think. dont be affraid to experiement thats most of the fun

    Also as ED said, dont stress as much about non HOLS, you actually need the time to learn the ins and outs before you get HOLs or your getting a ferrari before you learn to drive.

    There are a few good guides written by successful managers, read over them, learn your style of play.

    Don get discouraged, i promise youll still be experimenting and trying to figure out your glad when you get your first hol.

    You can win with non hols all the way up to blood Gods. So, just play and have fun

    this game can be either simple or very complex depends on how much you want to dive into it.

    and of course the main rule is never listen to a Noob like me for advice :-0

    Joking aside, there are managers who will be happy to help, some of them (unlike me) even know what they are doing.

    Welcome Aboard, it really isnt as bad as it seems, a couple months and alittle experiemnting and you will get to the real insanity that is bloodgods.

    See yah on the Sands.
    The Small One, Manager of the Legendary Crew

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    Definitely starting to lose interest here now. I just don't see the point in playing a game that is designed for you to lose for the first 3-6 months that you play the game, whether you put money into the game or not. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Been fun while it lasted but I think I will let this one slide and see if I can find anything remotely similar. Have fun guys.

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    Best of luck to you. If you ever decide to give us a shot again, feel free to hit up some of the managers and maybe they get can you past that losing thing.

    good luck!
    The Small One, Manager of the Legendary Crew

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