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    How to convert gold to trophies

    I'm new here and sorry if this is a silly question but I read in several places that you can convert gold to trophies at the bank but I can't figure out how to do that for the life of me. Can someone tell me how that's done? If that cannot be done - how can I get trophies without paying for them with real money? Thanks.

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    I dont think that you can convert gold into trophies. The easy way is always real money, but if you want a slower free method there are a few.
    The easy way would be "arena challenges" the first 20 are relativ easy and you get ~56 trophies for a win, if you do that with your first 4 glads you can save quit a bit for later "real" glads.
    Every tavern quest has also a low chance for 1-5 trophies (you likely wont farm that much from it, but sometimes the extra 5 trophies are all you need)
    The more advanced way: there are top 10 fights in each bracket daily, the winner gets some trophies ~30 I think. You can place 1 or more glads in one bracket in the top 10 and farm some trophies, if you stay for some weeks in the same bracket (it is easier than one might think, most good glads advance fast leaving only the fodder glads in the bracket)

    Trophies are only a time saver, you dont need any trophies for the late game. "time saver" even with trophies you have to spend some months to reach the late game.

    PS: you could make a "slave" glad and farm the first 15 arena challenges and sell him to buy a new glad for the same purpose. That is only recommended for non HoL glads and will waste a howl slot in your stable.

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    As Aphexii said, there's no way to convert gold into trophies. That being said, this isn't a pay-to-win game. Trophies speed up things VASTLY with stable memberships, but enough time and patience will get you there too (:.

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    I have found that trophies are better used on stable upgrades than on memberships. Even with stable memberships the game is still slow, and is probably better played slow anyway because it gives you time to find the correct items and develop your strategies.

    You can gain trophies from several sources in varying amounts:
    1: Buying them with real money
    2: Between 5-20 for completing arena challenges
    3: Between 10-30 for Winning top 10 battle royales, which happen daily
    4: 1 per win in the blood games
    5: 1 per kill in blood games or arena
    6: 1-5 or so occasionally in the tavern
    7: 1-5 occasionally from the gauntlet
    8: 1-5 from conquest on occasion if I remember correctly
    9: 50-30,000 from street games in the black market
    10: 20-50 for a 7 day login streak
    11: 100 every 100 days of logging in, there also might be a 250 for a year of logging in but I can't recall

    I might have missed a few sources, but this is the majority of them.

    In summary if you play the game long enough you will get trophies. The more glads you have the faster you will get them, the more black market spins you can get, and the faster you will develop. It is very important to max out your barracks first for this reason. I hope you find this helpful, Kramer.

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    To correct one of my statements, particularly Number 11:
    After 400 days of logins and game play you get 200 trophies. I just received this today, of all days, what wonderful timing.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Completely unrelated, nice to see several new folks posting.
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