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    Gold Issues--Need Rebalancing

    With 5 of my gladiators in the Blood Gods bracket, I don't make enough gold to even afford the repair costs for their armour. And this is with the accountant (which doubles gold earned) and the blacksmith (which reduces repair cost) upgrade. I would propose increasing gold income for Blood God matches--they currently earn less than even a Primus gladiator.

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    yeah a slight increase would be nice.

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    So upon doing some research on this, I have to concur, the ability to make gold right now is far exceeded by the cost of repairs/achievement slots.

    The only way I am able to keep up with both is to keep atleast 1 slave from gradating to blood gods and have them linger around in primus/maximus brackets and challenge this bring 5kish per.

    Here is a breakdown of how it goes.

    Bloodgods bracket:
    Injuries level 1 2500-3700 per injury


    Average around 242 gold per durability point on Epic (purple) gear.
    Average 310-320 gold per durability point on Legendary (orange) gear.

    times up to 8 pieces of gear.

    Achievement Points:
    Tier 1 452 gold per day 3612 per week
    Tier 2 1031 gold per day 7217 per week
    Tier 3 2063 gold per day 14441 per week
    Tier 4 4125 gold per day 28875 per week
    Tier 5 8250 gold per day 57750 per week
    Tier 6 16500 gold per day 115500 per week

    Times up to 5 gladiators or roughly 577500 (little over half a million)

    Now, lets look at income.

    2475 gold per loss Average
    3300 gold per win Average.
    2 fights a day -- times up to 5 gladiators so 6600 total possiable per gladiator.


    126 gold per win 0 gold per loss.
    Most days up to 55 wins. but that is very unlikely.
    Assuming you win every match

    6930 gold average possible.


    Between 150 and 312 gold per contract,
    1 Gladiator = 3120 max
    2 Gladiators = 6240 Max
    3 Gladiators = 9360 max
    4 Gladiators = 12480 Max
    5 Gladiators = 15600 max

    The Gauntlet:
    Gold Chest =1600- 2500 if sold at blacksmith requires 10-15 energy to attain


    Items worth anywhere from 3 to 20 gold random drop and chest

    Most gold possible for Blood-god bracket assuming you win every fight, and do chest runs is around 20k a day.

    that does not cover achievement points alot, nor repairs most times.

    Just alittle perspective, as of right now literally the last thing you want to do is have all your gladiators in blood-gods, You almost have to keep some in primus to earn money for your bloodgods, as oddly primus pays almost twice what bloodgods does and has more fights per day to win.
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