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    Any reason to deposit in the bank?

    There is a charge for depositing money in the bank. Is there any reason to do this? Any chance of losing money you don't deposit? Is there any interest gained? Or is it a waste of time and money to do so?

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    If someone is stalking you and challenges you every day, than maybe it is a good way to cut loses. But usually its just a waste of gold.
    (Every time you challenge someone you should noticed that you get either bonus gold on top of your normal gold price or you lose gold if you lose the fight. Thats the only way how you could lose money.) In primus you get 10k gold or lose 10k gold on a challenge. Better said, you steal your opponent 10k gold or he steals 10k gold from you.

    Keep in mind that every stalker trying to get gold from you is one fight more worth of data to analyze for your future strats

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    Thanks for the answer

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    yeah I have to agree, I have never really found a purpose for using the Bank. But, then, I dont get stalked much :-), I probably wouldnt worry about it much, i am unsure if there is a gold "cap" but ive been in the million plus range without much problems.

    See you on the sands.
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