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    Can you get rid of gladiator without retiring?

    I am trying to retire my 2nd gladiator but he isn't qualified. I already sold all of his equipment before I knew the parameters of retiring. Is there any other way to get rid of him?

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    you could sell him at the slave market, BUT you wont get any benifits from that (HoL Slaves which you get after a retirement), just buy him gray gear and do some strategy tests for later "real" glads . Give us his Name, maybe some guys will challange him and push him faster over the 1000 fights trashhold.

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    I would save up get him some grey gear and slowly start gearing him back up, usually can get some greens through taverns, etc. And just ride it out till primus/1000 fights. Personally, unless you just wanna completely lose the investment alltogether. However if you dont care about losing the investment and just want to start over to save team record or whatever, like Aphexxi said you can just sell him at the slave market.

    truth is, non hol Gladiator are fine up till and including primus if ran right, but inevitably they only exist to retire for HOL glads, Trust me being first in primus with a non HOL will still net you a complete and utter ass kicking in Blood gods. So, my advice is tough him out and get rid of him asap because thats really all your doing anyway, even really good normal slaves probably wont go better 60% up to primus (and that if your very experienced and know the classes well and get lucky) and will fare much much much worse in Blood gods.

    Just my two cents.

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