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    Back on the sands

    Been a long time since I have logged on. Good to see some of the OG slave masters still here. Only using Alpha team right now. Enjoying watching my boys turning the sands red again.
    Manager of Stables : Lil Ludis and Alpha Team

    Hall of Legends Gladiators : My True Legends
    Delta - Blood Games Champion and Undisputed Primus winner.
    Summit - Undisputed Primus Winner.
    Echo - Undisputed Primus Winner
    Foxtrot - Blood Games Champion and Undisputed Primus Winner
    Sliver - 2hand Rage Killing Machine
    Eruption - Multiple time runner up and 3rd places of the Blood Games. Undisputed Primus Winner and long time occupant of the throne of the arena.

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    Welcome back mate.. Hopefully you will keep playing regularly.


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    Welcome back, see yah on the sands.

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