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    First, I'd like to say I'm amazed by your artwork and thanking you for your creation. I think the game is amazing but could be so much more. I hope that you are working on something for mobiles and a pc interface for steam or something! With a bit of PR this game could be so much more. I think the whole Warhammer community would love your artwork. When you think hits such as Hearthstone, you clearly see people don't need whole complex 3d graphics but a nice interface gets you far.

    You clearly have a gift for art and design. Put some nice music and sounds, a bit of animations some side stuff to do to keep you busy, such as crafting, mats to grind (maybe send slaves to mines, to cook, whatever) and you have a number 1 seller. I can't believe this project is not known. It deserves to be more. Look at Shakes and Fidget, it's clearly a success, I'm kind of addicted myself but would leave it in a heartbeat if you had a similar platform.
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