I don't have as much experience with the game as most others here, but thus far in my time running a diverse mix of glads I've come to the conclusion that two-handers are absolutely worthless. Not only are they slower in initiative and overly reliant on their handful of hits not failing, if they get disarmed it's game over. I'd say easily over 75% of all my losses with my two-handers are thanks to getting disarmed and failing to recover the right weapon. My dual wielders have their secondary weapon still available if one is disarmed, plus they never pick up two-handers or polearms since their other hand is in use. So if they don't recover their original weapon, they have a far higher chance of obtaining the correct weapon type at least. I'd suggest making two-handers less likely to drop their weapon (I mean, they do have two hands on it, so...), to compensate. Am I wrong? Is there something I'm missing? Because as it is two-handers seem to be at a massive disadvantage compared to dual wielders.