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    Tier 1 Rage-War Skill Swap (Barreling Attack for Iron Jaw)

    It seems like the game is abandonware, since the dev hasn't logged on in months, but on the off chance it isn't... I'd like to throw out a suggestion for swapping Rage's Tier 1 Barreling Attack (re-branded as Shield Bash and tweaked to be a little more reliable but requiring a shield) for War's Iron Jaw. For one, Rage already has a lot of triggered attacks, while War lacks them, and thematically Iron Jaw seems to fit the Rage aesthetic (not to mention an early stun is WAYYY more painful for a rage than your typical war build). Second, by making the skill require a shield in the off-hand, it would promote a more offensive sword-and-board build, which I think would be great, since currently the only option for shield builds are to win via exhaustion. They'd be tanky glads that can weather the early hits while mixing in some bleed offense to try and win in long matches. It'd also give defensive theatrics an intriguing option to multi-class for. If this were implemented, just as a side bonus it might actually promote the use of shields other than the Wall variant, although they may need a revisit to make the buckler and kite a little more viable, with maybe a slight boost to their speed.
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