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    Chest Values

    I realize that the forum seems pretty much dead, which I hope isn't indicative of the health of the game overall, but I'm going to keep plugging away with my questions none-the-less.

    So frequently when running Conquests, I get different gold values for gold chests I find. This is reflected in the cost it takes to unlock them. My question is whether this is also indicative of the value of the item inside? That seems self evident, but I've opened up a bunch of the higher priced and lower priced gold chests only to have them all equally pop out the same crummy green items. It's a small sample size so far, so I was just curious whether I was costing myself more gold by choosing to open the higher priced ones rather than the cheaper gold chests.

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    Yes, Gold chest are pretty much the low end chest. So a Green item is all but the max item you will see drop.
    Arcane chest are next level chest and you can find blues and possible epic drops.
    Mythical are the top chests with purples and possibly gold gear.
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    My question specifically was whether the values of the gold (or whatever) chests are linked to the item value inside. I.E., if a gold chest I get in a conquest is worth 360 gold, is it going to be less likely to produce a high level item than a gold chest that's valued at 700. So far it seems pretty much random, in which case the low value chests are actually MORE valuable, since they're cheaper to open. Sorry if that wasn't clear in my initial post.

    Edit: I'm fairly certain now with more experimentation that the price correlates to the item's level, and that you're just not guaranteed to pull a chest that equates to your glad's current level.
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