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    Gauntlet Bug? Or maybe a suggestion if working as intended.

    I have a friend who signed up via my recruitment link. He shows up as my Recruit in the gauntlet for a x3 squid bonus (and x2 for him), however, on his end he only gets the standard x0.5 for using my glads. Is this a bug, or feature? At a minimum it should be a friend bonus, right? Since we can't add each other as friends to even get that. Also, even though he shows as my recruit on the arena tab, my Players Recruited number still shows as 0 on the Bank page. Thanks!

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    So he was now able to add me as a friend. Not sure what changed. Oh well, problem seems to have fixed itself. Although it still shows as having recruited 0 players on the Bank page.
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    The issue of him not showing up on my recruited page may have to due with him being unable to verify his e-mail. He's tried a couple of different accounts, but none of them will go through.

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