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    How to Build this Glad

    So I'd played for a wee bit a long while back, and just re-joined recently and decided to wipe my stable and start over. I bought this glad:

    Str: 71
    Int: 84
    Agi: 74
    Sta: 88
    Size: 86
    Pres: 67
    Chi: 65

    And decided to make it a War, since I figured it lacked the pres/chi to spec into either Rage or Theatrics. Dumped all my points so far into Blade.

    However, it seems to really be struggling. Any advice on how to build it out and what strategies to set early on to maximize its strengths better? Thanks!

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    Not sure how far your glad has advanced but it is a good idea to keep the activity level pretty limited until they hit a 9 or 10 in their weapon skill. I have run glads as low as 3 and 4 when young and go no higher then a 6 maybe a 7 if they show success until they reach near max in weapon skill. Once you hit 10 skill then you can go all out and do some high activity speeds and see how he handles it.
    I also have run glads with just a single main hand weapon until they rank up into the teens. Some glads just have a hard time wielding 2 weapons until they are 9/10 in weapon skill.
    Be sure to test out what works best in activity, experiment until you find the sweet spot and read the fight descriptions carefully. There are many clues in the phrases that are tells if you are running to fast, to slow, to low or high on Blood Lust. And of course, if your hits are landing with gray or orange highlights you need to make some activity and blood lust tweaks. Critical red's are the goal.

    Also, don't worry about Event Triggers until you start getting the specialty triggers. Just make sure you are using the right Style for your weapon (slash).
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