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    Are the monthly Blood Games extended to multiple months?

    Maybe its just me, but the record for the last months BloodGames isnt refreshed. All fights just add to the last month. Is it a new change or just a bug?
    The BGP are also not halfed like normal but I recieved the 200points for not making it to the top 40 Glads. Im a little bit confused ^^

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    I'm in the same boat. Season hasn't reset for me either.
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    Thanks for the bug report Aphexii. Not sure what happened there, but it looks like something happened that prevented the start of the new season. I've just finished manually doing the work that normally takes place when a new season begins. After tomorrow morning's 2am PST fights we should see everyone's records with one fight completed. The end result is the last few days of fights "never happened" and this season will be a few days shorter than normal. Sorry for any trouble.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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