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    Skills are locked

    It appears that my current skills for my fighter "Thraldan Vall" are locked and can no longer be trained, or unlearned. I was currently in the process of optimizing his skills. Yet now when I try to either train them, or unlearn them. I get no reaction from the system, or the system gives me the processing indicator and it never finishes. Nor do I spend the training points either.

    I've checked and I do have the necessary points allotted in other skills to facilitate purchasing up, or unlearning as well. Yet it doesn't do anything.

    Am I missing something?

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    I haven't done a scouting report on Thraldan Vall but if you have 100 points allotted into skills then you're unable to train anymore. If you have 10 points in your final skill in the rage tree, then when hovering over previous skills to unlearn them, you should see text that shows "cannot unlearn, deeper skills require these points". You'd have to work backwards and unlearn points in the final skill in that case before you can move those points to other skills.

    If you already see/know that and it still isn't working then hopefully Nate can fix it for ya
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    Thank you, I though that might have been the issue before. But I cannot unlearn the last skill either.

    It keeps giving the "busy" image. Those three pulsing green blocks and just never does anything.

    If possible, I'd be fine with the skill being completely reset down to rank 1 and I'd just work on getting back up to rank 10 myself. This issue is probably the only one I've ever really run across in the game, besides a time when my fighters could keep from just dropping their weapons at the start of the math, and even one day where I remember they would start the match on the ground.

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    Well I don't know what happened. But I can at least roll to have his skill unlearned now. However that presents a different problem.

    I have rolled a total of 17 times now and its that the roll chance is at 8.3%. But the roll never actually changes. It's rolled 60.1 every single time.

    Save for the first roll of the night that was on his Chi stat.


    I think my computer might be the issue here. Because I managed to get a few more points from the tavern and then un-train the skill. Yet the roll still read a flat number 31.4 for all three rolls. So I think it's just rolling the numbers correctly and not displaying the response as it changes.
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    Alright, I'm back. Been un-learning Thralls last skill so that I can free up the last remaining points to optimize his entire tree. Yet it still wont let me un-learn any more of his skills. Just the last one and it still says that I can't "unlearn" the previous skill in the tree. Even though that threshold was passed 6 skill points ago.

    I'm starting to think that something is actually wrong here and it's taken this long for the game to actually be forthcoming about it.

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    Hi Oborosen, Hard To Hit has a requirement of needing 90 points in Rage skills above it and the points in Hard To Hit don't count towards the 90 needed. If you want to keep HTH then you'll need to add and remove points in such a way that you always have 90+ points above Hard To Hit. If you don't want HTH anymore then unlearn it all the way.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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