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    new player need advise if anyone is alive here

    I dont know what to do with energy. conquest has only 2 maps and I can only do gaunlet on easy which is 1 energy and it took hours to finish with 4 gladiators :P
    Do arena and tavern quests are the only exp sources?
    Where/how should I use my trophies? I can buy a couple thousand or membership.
    Any other advice will be appriciated about anything for a new player.

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    Arena and tavern are the only exp sources. Conquest is only worth it on nightmare. You should better spend your energy on the black market for pit fights, better rewards and after a while some useful titels

    If you wanna spend some trophies than get the "The Champion's 3 Pack Membership Special" that should boost everything without any unfair advantages. After that spend it on the Undertaker and Doctor, both to lvl 2 at least.
    You want to power lvl your first glads to retierement! and buy some good premium slaves ( you can spend more trophies to search for a good, without waiting a hole day for a new batch)

    After you got all that, you can spend your trophies on your first premium slave for BG's armor to get a good grasp of the endgame.

    That should be all done in about 1-2 months with daily loggins. Dont spend trophies on useless epic equipment or extra arena fights, except you are on some trashhold (things like, 3 fights away from retirement or boost the rating to promote to the next rank )

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    Save ur trophies for Extra Gladiator slots if you are new that is the most important thing in the game you're gladiators + the more you have the more you do. personally id say if your gonna spend money on this game spend it to buy the gladiator slot's and save the rest as you beat arena challenges, Score a Kill in the Pit fighter or in the arena or if you log in over time like day 200 of logging in you get a trophies bonus of like 200 it all adds up.

    Conquest is not a waste of time. once you get you're gladiators up you can do it on the hard level and get purple items they is not they best items but u are just starting and they deffo help. I got my first fabled item from beating the 5th Tier Boss on arena challenges tho if that helps.

    "The Champion's 3 Pack Membership Special" is what i spend my trophies on but i have stable upgrades. i have a 4 vault slots for extra items comes in handy when you wanna swap equipment from your gladiators or save a item also saving chest box's from conquest. getting a couple of levels on your undertaker would make sense. i still need to get a level on my undertaker still so i don't suffer from death penalty when one of my gladiators gets dropped.

    Fingers crossed to an update to the conquest this year....wanna know about this world =)

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    Thank you for advices, I realy appriciate it.What about endgame? how can I get in blood gods arena and what is it advantages?

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