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    Dropped weapons.

    I suppose this is more along the lines of a question, but I shall put it here just in case it leads to something else.

    I have recently been having issues with my gladiators dropping their weapons, which is know is a function. Yet I have seen it happen several times in a row without the gladiator having picked up a replacement.

    On that note as well.
    I have seen that whenever my gladiators drop their weapons they only rarely (1-10) pick up their weapon and usually pick up a weapon that is completely useless for them. While fighting the same opponent in the area and using tactics that assure I will force them to drop their weapon. They always pick up the exact weapon that was dropped.

    Is this a set mechanic, or an unfortunate balancing issue?

    Because even being maxed in that weapon class, they have dropped it in round one from no damage.

    I have just returned after a short hiatus and I would hate to be forced back out by a second issue.

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    When gladiators drop their weapon or are disarmed there is no guarantee they will pick one up again or if they do, that it'll be theirs. Based on the gladiator's attributes and strategies and that of his opponent with a little luck thrown in determines what happens.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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