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    Been a long time

    Hey everyone, itís been along time since I have played and am just checking in to see how the game has progressed. I see there hasnít been much activity on the forums. Nate, hope everything is doing great.

    Also wondering if any of the old masters are still playing, if so howdy and keep up the grind.

    See yíall later and keep those sands red!
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    I thought that Nate was resurrecting zombies from the old stables to fill the gaps in Blood Gods but your zombies were fighting more viciously than one would expect of them if they were just fillers so... yeah, I spotted you a month ago.

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    Zoombies! It's just a needle for me to sew these things together!
    Thanks, kreegan, it's not only a simbol, but more.

    crow, how to mesure a game progression? It's something like me? Or something like You?

    We are thinking. Stop here. Because it's a main. Thinking. Nothing more.
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    Good to hear from you Crow! The Great Realm still loves its gladiators and the sands are still stained red every day! Hope you're doing well and life is good!

    Good luck in (and outside of) the Pit!


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