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    Scratching the itch

    Greeting to all the old Masters. Had to come back and get my fill, been bouncing around games here and there but I just keep getting pulled back into the Pit.

    It's good to see some old friends still bloodying the sands.

    To those Masters I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, I am the Master of Team Kaos and Death Faction. I look forward to watching your slaves bleed and bleed out on the sands by the swords of my gladiators.
    Legendary Stables of TEAM KAOS and DEATH FACTION

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    Welcome back to the Pit Kaos! Nice to see an old face back on the sands! Looking forward to crossing steel with your glads once again!
    Stable: Pirate Booty
    Current Gladiators: Thunder Lips, Zippy Wunderbar
    Freed Gladiators: Chuck Norris

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