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    Presence occasionally causing dodge?

    Hi guys,

    I'm working on a parry theatric (shield) in BG and had some time to read thru many fight logs. For the most part the gray parry/dodge text includes words like "parry, block, intersecpt, redirect, guides, knocked away, etc." , but in some rare cases the text reads "After assessing the situation, XXX decides against it." , "XXX gets tangled up in a web only he sees." , "XXX stumbles on an old skull and aborts the attack." , "XXX's missed attack causes a wave of laughter to ripple through the crowd."

    There is no indication of a active parry/block from my glad and it happens sometimes with aggressive glads without any form of defensive style or skills.
    I thought it may be caused by Presence, at least the battle text seems to fit what Presence would do to an intimidated opponent.

    Mainly this two "After assessing the situation, XXX decides against it." , "XXX gets tangled up in a web only he sees." should be Presence based.
    The other two could be a result of a 10/10 strategy and be simply inaccurate misses.

    It may be totally obvious for the veterans. I never thought of Presence as a actively defensive" stat, more as a passiv initiative reducing stat.
    Does someone have experience with high Presence defensive glads?

    Here are more examples which could be Presence based "XXX's attack causes an old veteran in the audience to shake his head." , "Stopping mid action, XXX realizes his timing is off and aborts." , "The crowd cheers as GUSTOFDEATH redirects the attack into the arena wall." , or just parrys/blocks that are complimented by Presence.
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