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    Conguest on hard ?

    How to beat Gut Trasher on hard ?

    I tried 2 wars, 1 DW rage, and 2 theatrics. All strongest guys possible, 85% + win rate. I was able to remove max 1/3 of his HP he just decimate everyone. I was thinking about some counteratack heroes.

    I am lvl 20 now, isnt it too soon to try run gauntlet on hard at this LVL ?

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    I had a similar question on my shadow some time ago. Picked all the top glads out there and blamed my own glad for beeing the weakest link

    But like Nate pointed out, the mix of your team is important. Try some different builds, most of the time strategy is stil more valuable than equipment or win rate. (even in lower lvls of the game)

    Try some more bad status user, like a trixster with some points in "dirty tricks" or a young bleeder theatric mixed with one tank to sponge the damage and stall time for the rest to do there jobs

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