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Thread: Flurry of Steel

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    interesting. My next investment is in slayer, which should be very soon. Been messing with Trixters Wall of Steel builds. So far its pretty interesting. give me a couple months and ill add my thoughts on Slayers
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    OK, after some more trial and error...

    Bonus attacks from "flurry of steel" are linked to activity and more or less to Agi. If you run 1 activity with a 2h weapon don't expect to get a second swing after "flurry of steel".
    Same is true for the last attack in each round, you get rarely any bonus attack if "flurry of steel" happens to be the "last" natural attack.
    Maybe "flurry of steel" gives a temporary Agi/initiative bonus after triggering, which could explain the somewhat inconsistent amount of attacks. (If you can't break through the "additional attack is granted" threshold with a Agi/initiative bonus from "flurry of steel", nothing happens of course).
    You have to adjust your gear/stats to get the most out of it without wasting unnecessary activity/Agi points.
    Still very promising skill with lots of benefits even for slower Str builds.

    Some things in the pros /cons section are also changed, slightly for worse xD

    -mostly free attacks without any way to interfere (besides armor deflection, natural dodges/misses all defensive skills can trigger. "flurry of steel" just suppresses the likelihood. Some skills like "create distance" are far less effected. It's like the weaker brother to "crippling might" + some possible bonus attacks attached to it.)
    -very good as a pseudo 2h rage 1shot kill build with a heavy weapon
    -niche use if a serious injury is hit multiple times (don't count on that to happen frequently though)

    -if "flurry of steel" misses or is somehow blocked/parried/dodged..... you still look kinda stupid
    -only useful as a first attack/second attack in the round
    -weak damage without any additional triggered skills
    -due to the infamous unpredictable skill overload, hard to always trigger it first.

    Verdict so far:

    2h builds benefit the most from "flurry of steel", and even more with a slower hard hitting variant. The two most promising builds look like this.
    -2h Str hail mary build; "first strike" trigger into "flurry of steel" --> "eviscerate" (may be the strongest 0/100/0 build)
    -2h Agi build; "first strike" trigger into "flurry of steel" --> "eviscerate" --> "weak spot"

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