Hey guys,

Today is was bored and did some gauntlet runs with my parry theatric to tweak his strategy and after reading 20 battlelog's i noticed something strange in regard of "Surprice Ending".
It's not about how to use it in general more in the sence of how this skill or better what this skill is taking in account when triggering.
After some research in the forum the basic conclusion is that it redirects every damage, effect (when not buggy) and even your own injuries (just the extra damage not the injury itself). I agree with that 100% and we all know it triggers diffenrently with each fighting style like parry should trigger it every second round, counter attack is similar to this and offense style is not really consistent but at least 1 time in a fight.
I noticed just yet...after 7 different parry/counter builds that all my parry guys missed a lot with "Surprise Ending" after triggering, at least more often than the counter guys.
I know this skill can stil be parried or deflected from the opponent in the end, but i'm talking about fights where your parry glad is fighting vs an opponent without noteworthy defensive capabilities. He is taking every hit from you like a magnet and is stil able to parry your multiple "Surprise Ending" attacks, only them!

Is it possible that "Surprise Ending" takes your own parry into account after triggering? I mean an opponent attacks you, you would normaly parry it, but "Surprise Ending" triggers and redirects everything and even "your own parry of that attack". The result of this is, you redirected his attack back to him with all juicy effect's and it is missing the opponent, because of your potential parry of that attack, which is also a "part of the opponents attack" (the potential miss it is).
I didn't found any information on that in the forum.
That would explain why for the most part my parry guys miss their "Surprise Ending" and the counter and offensive theatrics hit them.

So the core question of it is: Does your own fighting style hinder the effectiveness of "Surprise Ending"? in regard of actually hitting the opponent after the initial successful trigger.

If i'm missing some and there is a topic with exactly that question and answers to it, please tell me