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Thread: Shadow Surprise

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    Exclamation Shadow Surprise

    Ref: Fight#288, Feb 17th, 2017

    (@Nate: Just in case, if any bug in this fight may have made a Shadow that incredible.. thus felt worth mentioning)

    Draining 159 stamina in 1 round within 5 seconds :

    Myst has nothing exceptional to mention about.
    Jorah has 159 stamina and all polished gear.

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    511 that the first time it's happened?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoede View Post that the first time it's happened?
    Yes; it must be due to entangle + chilling aura + spectral touch all in one round; plus Myst getting lucky to retain his full health and thus stay in his best shape. Spectral touch as usual contributed about 1/3rd of total stamina drain in the end.

    Jorah probably was very active and offensive in fighting style, and/or had no trigger set or got no time to switch strategy for slightly /moderately /very tired; as it all happened in 5 seconds.

    I doubt it could be a situation where cascading of skills may cause tremendously huge effect. I may be wrong hence I posted, as other players' observations matter more. I personally feel draining 159 stamina in 5 seconds out of a formidable war-gladiator like Jorah is perhaps huge by all means.

    If it is ok then no issue; on a Shadow glad one may then plan to stack block rank too, as he then need not worry damaging opponent's health and may focus only on retaining his own.. but if it could be a bug or possibly imbalance then just wanted it to bring to notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunarion199 View Post
    Spectral touch as usual contributed about 1/3rd of total stamina drain in the end.
    It could explain why Jorah not switched a strategy. For this rapier-build there's no sense to switch using "I'm Moderately Tired". And "I'm Very Tired" too late while a gladiator had zero of Endurance...
    In general, it's too heavy Endurance damage. In my opinion. It doesn't looks like a "fluctuation" or a "bug", because of Endurance drain buffed? thread already exists.
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