Well Rocoto my D&D War claimed his spot in the top 10 this time, without getting to many easy wins and getting totally walled by other wars. Most of the time she is in fact "breakdancing" on the ground, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a single fight.(so D&D is often enough "active" to count as usefull in most fights)
I cant say that D&D is better than "armored fortress", but a viable alternative for offensive Wars. And more important, it provides a wider diversity in BloodGods.

Sadly I couldnt gather much info about howl fights on the ground, because she always "breakdance" only for 1 turn. My hopes are high for the next month to get at least into the top 25.

Maybe it was buffed some time ago and no one noticed it.... maybe its time to brew around with "forgotten" skills like "D&D,War Cry,Juggernaut," or Rocoto was just lucky this time >.<