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    what do i do with this gladiator

    strength 86
    intellect 73
    agility 91
    stamina 73
    size 75
    presence 64
    chi 86

    this is a non HOL gladiator that I think would make a good rage, but if anyone has any better opinions i would love to hear them. All I want to know where exactly I can go with a glad like this. Its probably one of the best stats I have bought so far so I don't want to waste it with my bad judgment. I trust this forum, you have never let me down yet!

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    This would make a good speed rage for sure, but I would think a slayer would be more interesting because it has a lot of cool skills

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    Probably too late for input, but this glad will be fine as a speed anything really. Presence is a little low for long term potential least for my tastes. If this is your best glad yet, then I would take him to blood gods and use him to experiment up there for a while because he's good enough to be middle of the road there. The blood gods bracket is totally different from the rest of the game and glads that are great in the regular game often don't make it very far there. The best builds in blood gods are capable of holding their own against every type of opponent. That's why the power theatrics, hit'n'run power rages, and top defensive/offensive wars dominate there while more speedy builds tend to dominate in the regular game. We've yet to see any real dominance from any of the shadows 'n myst specialties...they each seem to have very pronounced weaknesses that prevent them from hanging in the top for long... It would be good experience to see how the game is up there so you can plan your next batch of HOL slaves more effectively.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoede View Post
    That's why the power theatrics, hit'n'run power rages, and top defensive/offensive wars dominate there while more speedy builds tend to dominate in the regular game.
    I think, Adoede, You can drop "power theatrics" and "defensive/offensive wars" from this list (Even the best balanced War will be dropped soon -- i'm sure). They are to much rely on the quality of strategy triggers and [in the case of Wars] on the quantity of strategy rows.
    The tanks dropped already, obviously.

    // We haven't good triggers neither additional strategy rows.

    It's time to "one-row-strategy-builds". Like any Rage. Again. Sad.

    MeMan, again:
    Chi, Prs are cheapest stats. Str, Agi a bit valuable. Int, Sta are valuable much more. At the point of view of the game and resuming experience and prices of gear pieces on the Blacksmith.
    The Size question depends on the specialty/build You are planning, so, there's no measure to say how much You need it, globally.

    Using these principles in the heads we are able to say: "It's not a perfect slave. Just a slave."
    But he has enough stats to do some jobs. Certainly. As Just J and Adoede already wrote.
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    Here comes another one :

    strength 82
    intellect 87
    agility 93
    stamina 91
    size 89
    presence 82
    chi 83

    Thinking about agi weapon Rage ( does it make sense ? ) , polearm or sword&shield warrior. Any suggestions welcome!

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    This one can be almost anything. Some Speed build - Rage, Theatrics or Shadow - seems slightly more natural than the other options but he can go any direction with decent results.

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