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    We all know how that feels lol

    If the trixters have been tweaked, it wouldn't be surprising that Nate also tweaked the other builds a bit - shadows and slayers still haven't proven to be true contenders so I suppose they're due for a boost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoede View Post
    Have you checked out Toros vs. Lahir twice today? Dirty tricks only lasts til the end of the round it triggers. And with ~295 bleed Lahir doesn't seem to be gaining any health towards the end of the fights.
    Yeah I saw the fight. I also saw a number of fights where dirty tricks lasts 2 rounds. Dig around in the results or go run some gauntlets and conquests and you'll see them too. Sometimes it goes off at the end of a round and shows as 1 round remaining in the next round. If it were only a one round duration it wouldn't show up in the next round at all. In fight 1 Toros vs Lahir he's gaining over 400 health per round, if he used to gain more than that then perhaps when he re-geared he inadvertently lowered his health or intellect and presence which are the attributes for cheating bastard.
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    Well, if this is so, maybe people will now notice that there is another top-tier skill in the Trixter tree or, god forbid, will try to hybridize their gladiator.

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    Good news.
    If it so, Dirty Tricks now similar to other skills of the second tier. Still better than many of them. Real durability is 0-1 now (or still 0-2, as Dainoji pointed out, but with greater reliance on stat/RNG/strategy). Will still be great against speeder. Ok.
    Cheating doesn't looks like the core anymore, no longer allowing a random skill/strategy selection. Ok.
    In general , Trixter looks interesting for testing now.

    // By the way, Dainoji was right, today Fight #5. Kourel scored Dirty Tricks for 2 rounds just at the start.
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    It looks like Dirty Tricks can trigger blinding for either 1 or 2 rounds then.
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    is "Dirty Tricks" again buffed? 4 fights vs different trixster and each time 2 rounds Blind.... 2 rounds are a bit OP

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    Looks like it can last either 1 or 2 rounds. I just looked fight in blood gods where same trixter used dirty tricks 11 times, 7 lasted 2 rounds and 4 lasted 1 round. Though since it seems that it can trigger every third round imo 2 round blinds are very op.
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