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    Ah, I guess we're talking past each other here. Your point is that the h'n'r fights are based too much on chance. My point was that strategy building for an h'n'r is at least as nuanced as that for a power theatrics. Different conversations. Speaking of which, don't you think counterattacking power theatrics also depend too much on chance with so much emphasis on the Surprise ending skill?

    As for the Down and Dirty builds, my point was just that given the cheating trixters total dominance of slow low dps builds (aka wars), there is the possibility that the down 'n dirty builds might have the best shot against them among the war builds. If it turns out they're able to hold their own against trixters, then maybe they have a shot at being contenders one day (not holding my breath). And, as a matter of fact, I do have some DnD war experiments in the works just for the heck of it...

    My larger point is just that whether the total tanks actually won the seasons or not, they effectively held down all the speed builds and everything else not a 2H Rage for a loooong time. Many seasons ended with 2-3 tanks in the top five. That resulted in seasons where the tanks suppressed nearly everyone else except for the one or two glads who could consistently beat them. Then those one or two would duke it out throughout the season for the top spot - safely shielded from everyone else in the rankings by a wall of tanks. Cheating trixters ended this trend...which I think benefits all other builds.
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