I see, it's a "first (second, third) approach, but not a release". Ok.

In general, the gladiator of 50 lvl which able to do 45/0 in the Black Market is interesting.
Because a gladiator of 50 will touch some perfect -made gladiators about 55 (five levels and sometimes the years of the practice),
What he will do when he will be upgraded to 55? I know the answer : Without changing a strategy (or changing it chaotically) he will eat everything.

You may think something like "New styles. New behavior..." Not. Every behavior have a counter. Or must to have it. But Trixter's skills/strategies has no counter.

It's a current diagnosis for the Trixters of the high brackets: chaotic behavior and a wins as a result...

Detailed now (And IMHO).
-- Dirty Tricks too ... unconditional.
-- Health/Stamina recovery too high (100+, 20+ it's a real hell. Again, without any condition).

It's enough for first look, i think.

// I'm really afraid to have not chaotic Trixter-build in the BG.

Nothing else.