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    Question Shadow Issues

    Is it normal for a gladiator to start losing tons of matches (both arena and Black Market) around level 13? I'm a Shadow, and I use blades. I've been experimenting with shadow dance but that just seems to make things worse.

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    Play with strategies mix up how fast and how hard you want your glad to hit along with where to aim. Also if your glad does not have any defensive type skills and his weapon skill is low then being defensive will probably not be the best option right now. As your build gets more advanced and he gets those more defensive minded skills then using shadow dance would be much more effective. Hope that helps some.
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    I have a nine in Blades, going for ten, and 2 in Unnatural Agility just to feel better about myself due to low rolls. I seem to have found a good combo of hard/fast for Shadow Dance and am doing OK right now. Still sucking in Underground fights tho

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    Shadow Dance is not an "ultimate" style. It just allow the better work for upper defensives (Riposte, Uncanny Dodge).
    Also, it allow to dodge an attack sometimes, mainly while opponent uses "non-agressive" style like Slash/Lunge/Bash (Parry-something, Counter Attack too, as it seems) or while opponent under bad condition like Prone, Disarmed, Entangled. As a result, Shadow Dance in its pure form grants [almost] immunity against Theatrics and some defense against offensive Wars, but not against others.

    I think, Unnatural Agility at 2 do nothing for Your gladiator. I think also, Unnatrural Agility the bad skill for Shadow, because Shadow doesn't have damage reduction abilities, which means Shadow must use "You can't touch me" build or will die (And there's no sense to resist disarm when You catch a Rampage at 80% of Your health).
    // The simplest "You can't touch me" variant used for all specialities is a Berserk/Slash/Whirlwind/Strike 10/10 with Rapiers or something like that, maximizing initiative. But it wouldn't work good for Shadows at high brackets, because Shadows haven't nor good offensive skills nor good offensive style. Couple of Slayers skills can't help there too.

    Pit Fights always difficult for Blades/Exotics users because these weapon types have a wide range of speed/weight properties. Unlike Polearms, Two-handed, Axes.
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    Incredibly helpful! I have no intention of making this gladiator anything except retired, so I'm not too worried about the ultimate build. I just picked up the first slave I saw. And for the two in the skill, I plan on 10ing it, so it's just progress.

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