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    Higher chance to find better equipments in conquest and gauntlet

    I was gone from game for several months and returned like 1,5 months ago and after returning I've been running gauntlets pretty actively and conquest every now and then. I run these always with multiple glads at once and after my fifth glad reached level 50 I've been able to run gauntlets with 5 glads at once. It's hard to tell how many times I've completed these since I haven't kept record but I can say pretty surely I've completed gauntlet on nightmare like 150+ (this can be a lot more) times and conquest like 30-50 times.

    So far I've got like 3 legendary equipments from all these runs so it seems so very unlikely to get better equipments from these runs.
    So I suggest that odds to find legendary items would be increased since it seems to be so minimal at the moment that there are hardly any reason to run gauntlet or conquest on nightmare unless you're satisfied to get epic item as reward (even fabled epics seem very rare to get).

    Also I'd really like to hear others experiments for nightmare runs from gauntlet and conquest. Have you been lucky with rewards recently and have I been just cursed?

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    I've never really run the gauntlets - they take too much time. I run the conquests cuz you can finish them in 20-30 minutes if you load up on elite tanks like Eleventwentytwo, Onezeronine, Seraph Zeta, and Joram Meyr. I remember getting about 3 legendary items in about 50 tries...which is a lot better odds than you seem to have gotten.

    I don't like that the items are random...however there are some items that you can only get through conquests/gauntlets and that are not available in the blacksmith. Good luck trying to find those lol

    To increase your odds of getting a legendary item in the gauntlets, you can always pay the trophies for the boost that guarantees legendary prizes. Then run the gauntlets like mad to get a bunch of legendary items.
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    But what if there is not a random parameter determining the prize? What it may be?

    In the Blood Games Ranking page we may see FS parameter, which described as "Fight Score" in the help. What is it? I don't know.
    1. The last time i've some study about it, i saw after 1st day of BG, Rages have best results for FS and Tanks have worst...
    2. In my opinion, the simplest way to make FS:
    FS=(damage done)/(damage received). At first.
    At second, we need to consider how fast the win happened. It means (damage done)/(damage received)/(rounds number).
    // At third, we need to include Stamina "damage" too. It's not so hard. But we will stop here. Because You're may see:
    (damage done)/(rounds number) == DPS. And it's a component of "our" FS...

    And highest DPS in the game belongs to Power Rages, while lowest belongs to Tanks...

    And a few more phrases:
    -- Why not use FS for any fight, not for BG only? As a part of rating, for example? I'm sure: FS in use for every result of PvP fights.
    -- Is it used also in PvE? I don't know, but some formulas may be extended for team fights. For example, by summing appropriate parameters. (And it will work for a teams of 1 gladiator too. As is.)

    And if we really have "not a random parameter determining the prize", it's exactly FS.

    I stop at this point. Because conclusions are obvious.
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