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    how would I make an exotics bleeder

    My glad is quite new at only level 20 but I would like info on how to make a good bleeder. Things like light or heavy exotics, activity level, and what to train. This it's also my first time posting on the forum despite playing for about a year.I'm glad to finally join the community and I appreciate any help.

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    There are a lot of secrets about creating good bleeders. But here are the basics.

    Slayers have the best bleed
    Theatrics have the 2nd best bleed

    Snivlers give a bonus to bleed

    Exotic weapons give a bonus to bleed

    Slayer skill "Blood Bath" at lvl 10 usually inflicts between 200-400 bleed in a single hit.
    Theatrics skills "Gratuitous Violence" and "Bloody Spectacle" improve bleeding rate.

    Certain fighting styles improve bleeding rate...
    Certain activity and blood lust improve or reduce bleeding rate too...

    There is also "extra bleeding" rank on legendary items. Nobody I know has pushed the limits on this yet to see how much it can improve bleed rate.

    Once I had a team in Conquests put 2700 bleed per round on Gut Thrasher
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeMan View Post
    I would like info on how to make a good bleeder.
    Let's think together.

    Strategy in general:
    Since we like a bleeding, we need to deliver it as soon as it possible. There is almost no sense to do it at the end of fight, right?
    So, we need to choose activity at high level and bloodlust high enough to deliver our hits. Right at the start. In the hope we can bleed an opponent before he do his terrible things.
    Perhaps, the exception for this is a War opponents, because some of them can open themselves for attack after some rounds.

    Equipment, some stats, one skill:
    We are trying to deliver our bleeding before something happens. So, we need initiative. The power bomb from a Rage may put us on the ground with a 30% of HP. So, Strike first!
    How to win initiative having high activity? Just simple: high Agility, fastest weapon, lightest armour, Overwhelming Presence skill at 10.

    Ok. We already have Exotics and it's the best weapon type for our goal.
    We have also 3 skills (Gratuitous Violence, Bloody Spectacle, Overwhelming Presence) which are obvious at the moment. What else about skills?
    Fastest weapon means 5+ attacks per round. So, we may spend one from time to time into Signature Moves. Yes, there is no bleeding, no damage, but sometimes an opponent can't find his weapon the whole fight! You see the best option to defend us? I do not see. Five.
    Feint. Feint is the good way to deliver a hit. Not the damage, but exactly hit. We are trying to deliver bleeding, but not a direct damage, or i forget? Probably not forgotten. Ok. Then it's the 6th.
    Hamstring. Good damage. Good bleeding. Very bad state for most of the opponents. Not random skill, unlike Signature Moves: We are know what we do with it! 7th, sure.
    Called Shot. Strike to weak spot! Again. Again. Again. Larger bleeding potential. Larger damage potential. More chances to critical. 8th.
    If You like Knockout, get it. It will increase our rating movement. Then target into the head. Then choose Strength of the Crowd as a "final" skill.
    Or, if we are trying just a bleeding, then Surprise Ending + Armour Movement. It will give more defensive behavior for us.
    // Surprise Ending + Strength of the Crowd is not the best choice. These skills may overlap each other when we get a hit.

    Good luck in the bleed!
    As Nate says.

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    Yesterday was a holiday. Congratulations to all, by the way: it was holiday for everyone, even if You don't know about it. :)

    I apologize: I was a bit in a hurry yesterday. Lost a few words about the defense.
    For what we need defense?
    At first, because we need to stand some time to wait the bleeding work.
    At second, because we need reach the Bloody Spectacle.
    // I'm not sure it's the best skill for speed Theatrics. Perhaps, few of Rages passives may be a better choice. But it's the choice of the bleeder...
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