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    Premium slave help

    I have a premium slave that has the base stats 92str 83int 93agi 83sta 70pre 63chi and 74 size. His race is trug and he is level 19.
    I have already started to make him a defensive war but i am worried his size isnt big enough to do well at the higher brackets. Should i keep him as defensive war or change it? If so, what build do you recommend?

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    In my opinion, this one looks like very nice material for any work and any specialty.
    A bit low Pre and Chi. But these stats are "cheap" in the sense of stacking from equipment.
    I think, Trug choice was not the best choice for him. But it's a "good" choice anyway: Trug's penalty is not so bad for Wars. Because War is only specialty which has no skills/styles to work with initiative. So, War will lose initiative checks even if he is Snivler.

    I know, there was some recommendations to have at least 80 Size for Wars. But these recommendations a bit out of date, perhaps. The fact that all successful defensive BG Wars are very active in their fights for now.
    It means, probably, stats accent moved a little from Size/HP/Endurance to Agi/Int.

    In any case, You may try any build with this one. Because he will be successful. Not a top-rated, perhaps, but decent.
    It means, You may try to grow him as defensive. And switch him to other build later, if You'll find it more reasonable.
    Because, yes, we have an option to do endless work with gladaitor's skills.
    Sometimes it's even have direct sense, start as one build, then switch it to something else. I've already used this method and i have good result for it.
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    The stats on this glad are very good - though I would not have made him a war or a trug. That said, this glad will be successful in any build.

    Once you get the Light as a Feather skill, you don't have to worry much about encumbrance if you really wanted a defensive war, this one will do fine. But this prospect has such great "offensive" stats that I would have opted for a more offensive build and style. I'd probably have tried it as a Knockout Power Theatrics because of the high Str and Agi combo. Or as a Slayer who could go both speed and power by switching gear depending on the matchup.
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