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    Thumbs up Congratulations to Stable Adoede and Seraph Madigant!

    It was another exciting Season tournament with some fierce competition with Seraph Madigant squeaking out an exciting first position finish! The Arena Elders will be shaking things up a bit this Season figuratively and literally. All matchups this Season will be random, meaning any gladiator can fight any gladiator regardless of where they sit in the rankings.

    The first Tier 1 Legendary prize is still up for grabs! Win this month's tournament with an 85% or better record and it's yours! Win with a 90% or better record and receive a bonus mystery prize...something the dark priests of the Great Realm have been working on for ages has had a breakthrough...

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    Nice. I have another suggestion to speed up the game and gear acquisition/build development. What about doubling the pace? So turns run 4 times a day and a season only lasts 2 weeks while giving out the same BGP and exp. That should bring all the new managers up into competitiveness a lot more quickly. Also, why isn't there something like a daily Battle Royale for blood gods?
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