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    Strongest and Weakest sides of Shadows

    -- Initiative;
    -- Ability to avoid Skill-raised attacks via Uncanny Dodge (~2 round cooldown);
    -- Ability to avoid every attack via Shadowdance(style)/Riposte(skill) (~2 round cooldown for the skill variant).
    -- Ability to do a strong attack (depends on Shadows' weapon -- Dual Strike.) (~2 round cooldown)

    -- Light Armour only;
    -- Few of activated offensives.

    As a result:
    0. Every Shadow is some kind of defensive gladiator...
    1. Good Shadow is just a pain for Wars/Slayers/Rages oriented for few (1-2) attacks per round. // It's good. imo.
    2. Strategy of "swing" like "Start Whirlwind 9/8, Even numbered rounds Shadowdance 6/6" is obvious. Almost.
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