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    Increase or decrease chance to kill

    In the Black Market Pit Fights, sometimes the point value for killing your opponent is high. High enough that three or four kills could jump you from worse than tenth place up to first. Other times, the point value might be negative, even negative one hundred (!), which means one kill could drop you from first place to much worse than tenth. If there is no plus or minus for a kill then kills still serve as a tie-breaker, after most wins and least losses, so a kill can still be advantageous.

    Aside from increasing or decreasing Blood Lust in my Fight Strategy, how do I increase or decrease my chance to kill in a fight?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Dell.

    The most common situation when the gladiator killed is the situation when he's stunned and has a little of health.
    The most common relation to be killed is low Presence (Perhaps, high Presence of the killer, but i not sure here)...
    It seems, Bloodlust is not the key to kill, it's a key to do a good hits (it means good crits), despite of the description...

    To raise chance to kill, we need to keep targeting head as a spot to attack (it will raise a chance to stun) and keep good damage rate (i.e. Bloodlust too)...
    // Some weapon types also raise chance to stun.
    But in the global statistics, kill chance is really rare.
    Although You may raise it directly for non-BM-fights by something like this . But it will do about nothing, even if You collect it at 500. Because the kill-situation is really rare.
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