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    two persons on different machines via the same w-lan

    Hi everyone,

    this may be a stupid question but i recently invited my girlfriend to the game and i wanted to know if i can get into trouble if she logs in with her laptop when she is at my place because we would we share the same IP-adress at this specific time?



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    Hi, wolfonye.

    There's no restrictions to create new stables from same place. Except the rule (which is given in some "soft" form :) : get 5 gladiators in Your first stable before creating the second.
    Also, i had no technical troubles while working with two of my stables using two different browsers. I.e. at same place, same IP, same moment.

    But i'm not sure that You'll get the "friend bonuses" from Your girlfriend in that case...
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    ok, thx for your reply. i was just curious because it would have been a pitty if i got blocked considering the time i put into my glads. but it seems i am on the best way to create the tradition of making her obsessed with different browser-games and POW is one that i particularly like

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    Don't be afraid to do anything, if it's technically possible.
    Nate is wise man, he is friendly to players (Or successfully trying to look friendly :).
    There is no point to worry about such blocks.

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