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    I can't quite figure out what this style does. Judging from the description, it should provide some initiative bonus and maybe some extra attacks every now and then. In reality it seems to consume huge amount of endurance (comparable with Berserk) without giving much of a boost to initiative and almost certainly does not provide extra attacks per round. It's an offensive style so the high tier defensive skills for the Shadows start to trigger quite rarely if used. That's my experience though, any other other impressions?

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    I just recently unlocked it on my new slayer. Though he is only level 20 I ran some tests in the gauntlet.
    I compared slash, whirlwind and strike. I used activity 10 and 7 with level 1 bloodlust. The gladiator uses a sword in main hand and a dagger off hand.

    It looks like strike has a bit fewer attacks then slash at 10 and 7, while whirlwind has the same number of attacks at 10 and has more at 7 then slash.

    Strike looks to do less damage but more criticals (as expected).

    Whirlwind does usualy 3 attacks on first round and three the second while simple slash does 2 on first round and 2 or 3 half the time on second round (activity 7).
    Also Whirlwind seems to do more damage, but I'm not sure.

    On activity 10 both whirlwind and slash does 3 attacks on first round (slash sometimes 2 and whirlwind sometimes 4), but whirlwind did 4 attacks on second round more often.
    Strike usualy does 2-3 attacks.

    So I can say it increases the number of attack a bit, probably it doesn't compromise defence like berserk does (still it is an offensive style so defence skill trigger less obviously).

    I would say it is like using Slash/lunge/bash, but uses more stamina and incraises attack rate a bit. Probably has the same defence modifier and defence skill trigger modifier.
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    It contains initiative modifier or something like, this is confirmed experimentally.
    About an extra attacks.
    I have an assumption, this style contains not the number-of-attacks multiplier directly, but some Agility boost.
    Sadly, I don't know how to check this assumption right now...

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