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    Guys, I got a question. What are the odds of winning legendary or fabled epic gear on Nightmare gaunglet?
    I mean, I wont 4 times in a row now, and on each colored gem I always get lowest possible prize. I carefully watched and first i got green, then normal blue, fabled blue and epic. I know they are more common, but what are the odds of winning better prizes? Like 1 out of 10, or 100?

    Also, since I really hate spending trophies, would you still recommend on buying "Let's make a deal"? Because with my luck, even if I do spend, I am pretty sure I will always get the same items. Like only gear for head, or body armor. And I wouldn't like on spending thousands to get 2 maybe 3 legendary equipment.

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    I don't know the drop rate but I've gotten some good gear running the gauntlet. Let's make a deal is good if you want a guarantee. It's really about time vs money. If you want a specific item right now, go to the blacksmith and buy it. If you want to spend less but still want a certain quality but not a specific item, then use the let's make a deal option. If you don't want to spend anything then keep grinding.
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    I can not seem to find the line ''lets make a deal'' Is this changed? I also do not see legendary items and blacksmith. sorry for necroing :P

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