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    Stats on slaves (namely HoL)

    I am scouting for a new HoL slave. My 3 slaves of the say are the following:

    1027g for 75-75-86-65-76-72-66 totalling 515
    1002g for 84-60-77-74-74-67-78 totalling 514
    1002g for 70-76-72-81-68-71-89 totalling 527

    Aren't supposed higher cost glads have better stats? Cause when I look I generally only pay attention to the price. Should I start paying attention to individual stats or is this a bug?

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    Today it's lot easier to retire a slave as compared to the earlier days. So I guess the chance to get a better HOL slave has been brought down. Expect to see HOL slaves costing 950+ gold too. However, it's still fun to wait for the right slave to pop up. I'd pick no less than 560 point slave anyway.

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    I guess some stats are worth more, like size (because it can't be changed). Also there is a hidden stat, Luck. I don't know how it factors int o the slave's price if it is factored in at all. There was a discussion how to calculate luck assuming it is included in the price.

    For me, I pay attention more to the stat distribution then price. Of course much higher prices mean more stats distributed, but still, I like my glads big so it doesn't matter if he has 90s all over but 60 for size. I would just skipp it.
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    I see. Well, I will be looking out for stats more from now on. Actually today I got a good one 85-88-95-75-70-72-79. 95 Agility!!! Would be a great blades rage, but I wanna be picky

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