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    A suggestion for achievement slots

    I have a suggestion to make all achievement slots available for gold instead of trophies.

    Rationale: I'd like to see all glads at their true full potential instead of giving an advantage to glads who pay trophies for achievements. It costs plenty of trophies to find a good prospect and buy a full set of customized legendary gear (not to mention upgrade stables and enable shadow trainers). Most managers don't use the extra achievement slots for trophies anyway. And to create a truly level playing field at the top of blood gods, allowing pay-to-play and free-to-play managers access to all 6 achievement slots with gold would ensure the top level of the game is truly fair and level for all managers. Skill would become the only factor in determining the most competitive glads...not resources.

    Maybe this would also help break the cycle in blood gods where the tanks and wars suppress all other builds while 2H rages that break into the top feast on tanks to stay on top and avoid the speed builds that could defeat them.
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    Thanks you feel like that.

    The slots also have pronounced effect in pit fights while fighting in grey/white. When buffed with all Blood Games achievements they may have even more significant effect against those who can't afford them.

    Although the trophy-based slots may be necessary to get support to the game, at least for level 55 Blood Gods end-gamers the slots could alternatively (not instead) be opened for gold or for BGP just like at the blacksmith.

    To balance things out, some other features like the challenge & avoids, purchasing HOL slaves etc or some PVE features, which do not come into picture when actual pvp fight takes place, may perhaps be converted into pure trophy-based.

    I eagerly await something fruitful in that direction.

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    I don't really see that implemented without converting some other commodity to trophy-based (for example, a few years back when there were no fabled and legendary items, the blue and purple gear cost trophies - when they were converted to gold, Nate introduced memberships...). There should be some sort of income for the creator anyway. Yes, it's not fair to fight handicapped against opponents who use all achievement slots but you can still be moderately successful if you can handle your fighters correctly. My crew have never used more than 3 achievement slots (except during the "bonus week" immediately after the Blood Gods ascension) and they perform fairly well against gladiators with full achievement set. Frankly I'm content with the status quo. Still, if this can be done without increasing the trophy costs elsewhere or converting some gold thing to trophy thing, I wouldn't mind it.

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    In my opinion, both achivement and gear are opposed to the "smart" things of the game like skills/strategy usage.
    While, i think, there is a ... game content for sale, which is not used now.
    From the skills side:
    -- Can be sold an access to the 5th tier skills;
    -- Can be sold an access to the "non-native" skill trees (i.e. War skills for a Rage); // Which is already implemented for the Shadow & Myst in the form of Trainers.
    From the strategy side:
    It's obvious for me, some gladiators needed to know more about the opponent. While others needed to know more about themself.
    We have enough of the triggers to give a gladiator the knowledge of his condition.
    But there is almost nothing to know about an opponent. We have only the Opponent is War/Rage/etc triggers here. While a gladiator's behavior (build) not defined by his speciality, but more defined by fighting style and the weapon he uses (the skills has only 3rd-4th place in that list, in my opinion).
    And some precise triggers (like Opponent is Very Active, Opponent is Disarmed and so on) are worthless just because we haven't a knowledge "What the behavior/build of the opponent?"
    -- It's possible to add some useful triggers for trophies. Like Opponent Wielding Two-Handed/Exotic/Shield/etc. Opponent Uses Parry/Berserk/etc (Although this maybe too powerfull). Opponent Uses Heavy/Medium/Light Armour, perhaps; Opponent Used Surprise Ending/Create Distance/Crippling Mind/etc, perhaps.
    -- Can be sold a packages of the triggers, opponent-oriented, self-oriented, health-oriented, endurance-oriented and so on.

    Any of these things can be sold in the form of rent. Like achivements. It's more player-friendly, perhaps.

    // And yes, a second "native" fighting style can be sold. Or even every fighting style. Except the first of choice from Bash, Slash, Lunge.
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    Just a small suggestion - kindly see if feasible. Unlock each successive slot for trophies (say 2k) for every individual gladiator after the glad reaches the specified levels; once they are unlocked make them purchasable with trophies/gold/BGP.

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    Bumping this thread again in the hopes of an end-game that is completely level
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    atm its seems to me that the entire blood gods are running on gold achievments only.
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    If that is indeed the case - bumping this thread in the hope that gold access to all achievement slots might shake up blood gods and let all glads fight at their fullest potential.
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