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    Does anyone have (or have had) a gladiator with skills from only the first three tiers of skill trees from two trees.
    How is it working (or how did it work)?
    I once had a glad with only tire three skills but from War/Theatrics/Rage. He was among the worst I've had from Maximus till I retired him.

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    im currently running a war in blood gods with with adrenaline rush, death from above and gratious violence as top skills from the 3 specialities. He is decent, and currently in a process of switching from medium armor to heavy, as the medium armor just didnt cut it. With only legs left ive seen major improvements this season.
    His name is oneonetwoeight if you want to check him out.
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    I have a Theatric in the Blood Gods too. The only 3rd tier skill he has now is the Armour Movement. Although i going to move him into Rage deeper in order to reach Adrenaline Rush.
    But he's working well even without it, in my opinion.

    // I think, these "hybrid" builds working well only for top brackets, Blood Gods and the top of Primus. And they are weaker in the lower brackets...
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    I think only highly skill dependent builds lack in low levels regardless of it being hybrid or not, like defenders for example. Until they get all the skills needed they are not that good.

    As for adrenaline rush, it is a strong defensive ative skill. The alternative I see is Hamstring wich is also a good defensive active skill. Both are for offensive glads too.
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