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    The misic i've used to view a fights logs and a related results

    I have a specific music for a specfic stables.
    Just an examples:
    Vs Team Win stable: // It's really great!
    Vs Hive stable:
    Vs Adoede's stables i have a specific music to, but it seems it's can't be translated into the English not losing the sense.
    It's the song, having some words like: "It's too hard to find a more dumb than i is!" In the English equivalent. But in the Russian it's a more complex words allowing more complex senses.
    // And, Adoede's , it's about me, not about You! Of Course.
    Anyway. :)

    I have a Bach sonates playing on the second plane also. Like
    And who of you, and it uses?

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    I'm pleased greatly that AC/DC is what you use for my stable High energy, and shouting vocals seems fitting for my lads Who's the one getting thunderstruck though? :P

    I dont listen to anything in particular when I read fights. It's just whatever I happen to have on at the time. Lately it's been a lot of psytrance and folk metal
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