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    Master of Rage skill training bug ?!

    I was just promoted to master of the rage specialty, but as a result i now cannot train anything anymore (eg have the training points, just nothing happens when i click on, for example, "total carnage" or even "blades"?
    Is this a bug or did I miss something??

    Gaisu Balthazar

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    The Master achievement is completed when you have used 100 skill points. That 100 skill points is also maximum you can use.

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    scroll down on the skills page and you'll see where it shows how many total skill points you have and what the max is. Right now it will read 100/100.

    EDIT: After scouting Giaus, I recommend you read up on the rage guides that are stickied at the top of the rage forums and modify your skills build. Unlearn the 7 points in GD and the 2 points in CS. Unlearn the 8 points in 2H weapons if you want to continue using blades or unlearn blades and switch to using a 2H weapon. In general is it is best to get 10 skills to level 10 than a lot of 6s, 7s ans 8s. It may be faster for you to just try and get to Primus and retire this glad and start fresh with a HoL slave though. If you enjoy going off the beaten path for glad builds then ignore this advice and have fun!
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    By the way, after you finish with 100/100, you can spend training points on attributes(except size).
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    but attributes can be upgraded up to 10/10 right? what am i gonna do with the rest of TPs when im done with all of them??

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