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    Thumbs up New Update 7/1/2015: Shadow & Myst: Slayer Specialty Early Access

    Greetings Pit Masters!

    Today we welcome the start of the Early Access promotion for the Slayer specialty from the new gladiatorial school Shadow & Myst! The Slayer specialty is the second of the three new specialties headed to an Arena near you!

    A few things to note. Currently only the male Slayer specialty gladiators are available. Why? Art costs. Each gladiator portrait you see in the game is roughly $1000 once all artists involved have been paid. As such, the difficult decision of postponing the female versions had to be made. I hope to have female art available in the future though. Second, an entire new set of armour and weapons will be making their way from the Eastern Empire into the Great Realm in the near future as well.

    "When the Great Realm's first wave of troops invaded the Eastern Empire they were completely slaughtered...The few soldiers who made it back from the battlefield gave reports of masked warriors who fought with unbelievable discipline and skill. These enigmatic dealers of death decorated their bodies with strange markings and wielded a wide array of never before seen armour and weapons. As the body counts soared and the earth became drenched with blood, these horrors from the East would soon be given the name "Slayers" by the soldiers of the Great Realm. That is when the Pit Masters took note. A new kind of beast to unleash on the pits and excite the crowds meant the Arena would never be the same!"

    If this sounds exciting to you and you would like to take part in the Early Access promotion, go to the Stable Upgrades screen and under "Staff" you'll find the upgrade for a Slayer Trainer. If a Slayer Trainer isn't in your stable's budget right now, fear not, once the Early Access promotion is over, the price will be lowered at that time. When and by how much have not yet been determined. A huge thank you to everyone for being so patient.

    The price on the Shadow Trainer has also been reduced, so if you haven't picked one up, now is a good time to do so!

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    All hail Nate first post

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    and thus Fenrich Dreynar walks on the sands, ready to die them in the blood of his fallen enemies~!

    80-96-83-77-85-68-79 <3

    Pretty sure Mr Lightning doesn't like him already, 3 random matchups in the fresh meat bracket and 3 times he became a heap of fresh meat~!
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    I just picked one of these guys up and I'm having a lot of fun! They have so many activated skills to choose from it's going to be interesting discovering good builds for them. I can't wait to see what blood bath does and how vital strike works. Thanks for all your hard work with the game Nate!
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    Love those new schools. Tho I am pretty parsimonious..
    Don't know whether to wait for 3rd trainer and see which two would buy, or just buy one now.

    Good work, Nate! Keep it up.
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